“Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”

This interesting statement by Howard Luck Gossage is powerfully effective.

To thrive in the advertising space today, staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. And a brand that has stayed ahead of the curve for some time now is Zomato! Right at the beginning of 2023, they made sure to get people talking!

Although the trend of cross-brand banters is nothing new, this new billboard advertising, along with Blinkit, got people talking and laughing.

Let us look at some advertising trends, some old, some new, that are going to take centre stage in 2023!

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3D Printing

3D printing has been here for a while, and while its growth trajectory has been interesting, we are going to see more technological advancement as we go further into 2023. The year has already seen its first 3D-printed dwelling unit for Indian soldiers inaugurated by the Indian Army in Ahmedabad.

3D printer applications are increasing, and we can expect new and more innovative products to be developed with 3D printers in the years to come. Brands can look at making prototypes and launching them in the market for niche audiences to test the grounds.

In 2012, Disney world let visitors get their faces scanned to create mini-me Disney princess figurines. If this was achievable in 2012, with a decade more of technological refinement behind it, 2023 looks so much more exciting and promising!

The Heart of advertising - Long copy ads

In a society with an ever-decreasing span of attention, which is moving from YouTube to YouTube Shorts, TikToks and Instagram reels, there resides a section that still enjoys the long-forgotten art of long copy ads!

Burger King recently brought back long copy ads through its cheeky campaign to promote plant-based products and sustainable consumption, called ‘Even more confusing times’.

Since sustainability is the buzzword, let’s look at how brands are catching up with the trend of climate-conscious marketing.

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Going Green

Today, people are no longer just aware but are ‘woke’ to the dangers of climate change. People are increasingly taking steps to live sustainably by choosing more environment-conscious brands in order to protect the planet. While globally, active member countries of the Paris Agreement are joining hands to lower emissions and carbon footprint across the board, brands are getting extremely creative with their marketing campaigns to send out messages in a way that relates to people.


The world’s largest athletic apparel company, Nike, displayed their commitment to climate consciousness through their Move to Zero campaign. The corporation has not only pushed boundaries of innovation in its product design and development but its marketing approach as well.

What a great concept - that intertwines the brand’s vision with a compelling story and creativity!


The fossil fuel giant is now embracing green energy and marketing it everywhere. Their marketing strategy is putting efforts into creating awareness and, consequently, dialogues around the possibility and potential that green energy holds.

One of the many ways that Aramco’s marketing team is working to achieve their goals is by backing up sporting events. They launched professional women’s golf competition in 2021 with an ambition “to help women around the world, not just those who are associated with the company.”

Even the pinnacle of gas-guzzling motorsports, Formula 1 has committed itself to being climate conscious.

With the audiences demanding more environmentally conscious choices, there is no doubt, more brands and businesses are going to pivot towards this trend to transform the way we live.

Say hi to AI

From voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, to self-driving vehicles, to being used for creating portraits on social media, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have come a long way. However, come 2023, we will get to see many more brands starting to use AI to increase their brand presence and create automated content.

According to recent statistics, AI technology can boost business productivity by up to 40%.

With the increased use of tools for automation and personalisation at scale, brands can identify customers more closely based on their past behaviour to predict what they might do next, thereby improving the journey of the customer through the marketing funnels.

Let us look at some whacky trends with quirky Gai.

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We now know that AI can help boost business performance but can it be used to create something fun for everyone? Let’s find out!

Beer that learns

A lot of people love beer but people also love different flavours of beer. What if there was a way to make sure the beer you drink is tailored to your tastebuds? Well, thanks to AI, now there is!

IntelligentX is using AI to take feedback from their customers on Facebook Messenger bot and helps human brewers create the perfect taste based on customised recipes!

Symphonic ads

All of us have different tastes in music - some like pop, some like rap and some like rock. How will a brand know what music the customer will like and which music will make them want to avoid the brand forever? You guessed it - AI!

British start-up AI Music came up with an innovative method to tailor the music in the ad to suit each and every individual. Dunkin’ Donuts used this personalised method and gained a whopping 238% increased engagement!

Don’t forget the GenZ

None of the generations has ever had the kind of access to the internet as Gen Z. How they navigate this space and evolve with it is interesting, to say the least.

Keeping this highly expressive generation in mind, Google UK launched ‘Find that thing’ campaign by creating innovative content that helped the users find the many things that are often inexplicable with Google Lens.

What Cool Gai thinks

2023 is calling for authenticity, relevance, connection and meeting the audience in their world, rather than calling them to the brand’s world.

Social media will slowly, and importantly, be regaining its strength of being a platform that builds brand awareness and not just a method of generating website traffic.

Action definitely lies in short format videos - but that are executed with intelligent creativity - like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

Buyers and consumers are craving one-to-one association and brands need to come on board with, and leverage, AI/ML, to deliver personalised campaigns that can get be incorporated into every step of a buyer’s lifecycle.

Listen up brands, it is time to get dirty data!!