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    The breeze of bizarre food trends on the internet.

    From ASMR food videos to binge eating challenges, we have come a long way to find new ways in the digital world to think out of the box when it comes to food.

    Once upon a time, someone tried pineapple on pizza and posted about it online. Since then, the world has been divided between people who stand by this innovation and the blatant haters.

    However, this was just the beginning of the end of your standard everyday fast food. People come up with a plethora of innovative food recipes.

    People come up with eccentric dishes that have the potential to make one squirm or smile while breaking the standards of all conventional cuisines!

    Squid Games Candy

    The Toothpaste Coffee Tale

    On 13th October, @whathowtry posted a video where he mixed toothpaste in a jar and added coffee and milk. The digital creator then adds some peppermint tablets to finish the drink. The video closes with the man tasting his concoction and giving it a thumbs-up signifying that it was tasty. This video blew up on the internet while leaving people baffled and appalled. This became one of the most talked-about food trends this week has been the infamous toothpaste coffee.

    Some videos followed by this coffee mix were broccoli oreo, Mc Donald’s nugget coffee, and even soy sauce soda.

    Why are people so obsessed with these weird food trends?

    Trying out something new - In this modern-day world, people need different things that gratify them every day. And to break the mundane of our everyday lives, we resort to something that stirs some excitement in our days. We are in constant pursuit of finding change. And what’s better than food to experiment with? Trying out new recipes can be fun and exciting. You never know what scrumptious meal you end up inventing!

    Cook for the clout- It is no lie that our virtual reality has become as relevant as the tangible world we live in. A lot of things we do are to make our online presence look more impressive and aesthetic. Be it the glitter of the gram or the facade on Facebook where everyone is in a rat race to be better. Indulging in these trends essentially helps in drawing attention, getting noticed and gaining more followers. Food trends are one of the niches seen by a large audience irrespective of their age and sex. This is why a lot of people become a part of the viral wave.

    Search Trends

    You see a stark rise in the search for toothpaste coffee in October, just after the famous @whathowtry posted his infamous toothpaste coffee video. Be it a toothpaste, coffee lover or hater, the drink became the talk of the internet.

    Looking at the graph of ‘Weird Food Trends’, we found out how its search went up during the lockdown. There has been a consistent rise in its search from March 2020 to June 2021.

    To understand this craze about crazy condiment combinations, we looked at the ‘Ice cream paratha' graph to see how it was searched. There has been an upward shift of the chart from March 2020 till its peak in September 2021.

    These bizarre food combinations grasped online attention a lot more during the lockdown. Did the pandemic give rise to weird food trends?

    Condone or cancel this condiment?

    These eccentric food trends either dissolve in a few weeks or become a part of our lifestyle like every other trend. (Do not forget, ice creams were an accident!) Trying out harmless food trends can always be fun unless you burn the kitchen down. Some notable mentions of the weirdest food trends we found online are-

    Maggie paani puri

    What did we ruin for you- Maggie or Paani Puri?

    Butter coffee

    We’re sorry, caffeine lovers.

    Kaju Katli chicken soup

    Chicken soup for the soul, but make it festive?

    Ice cream parantha

    Pick your warrior- Waffle, cup or parantha?

    Cool Gai will stick to its comfort food. What crazy food trend are you in moo-d for this weekend?

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