Indians spent 4.9 hours daily on their smartphones last year, making India the eighth country with the highest average hours spent on mobile per day per user. 

Wondering why we’re telling you this? This week, we reveal how brands are boosting sales in a split second by catching your attention in those 4.9 hours.

Let’s dive into the world of pop-up marketing or push notifications.

"Khana khaaya kya?"

"Love Pizza but hate people? Order online now!"

"You think Escobar was bad? Wait till you meet these guys." and

We all get them, but do we like them?

87% of Indian smartphone users consider push notifications as helpful, as per a survey conducted by Affle. But have you ever stopped and considered the marketing tactics behind them? 

These notifications are designed to trigger psychological responses and motivate us to take action. It's fascinating how much power they hold over us! 

So, what's the big deal about push notifications? To help you understand the impact of push notifications in marketing, let's hear from three moo-dy friends of Cool Gai - Fresh, Brainy, and Quirky Gai.

Cool Guy

Let’s step into the arsenal of push notification marketing with Fresh Gai, our seasoned expert in everything new. 

Ride on with Rapido

Rapido has leveraged the power of push notification marketing to enhance customer engagement and achieve remarkable results. Rapido has captured their attention and stimulated their decision-making processes by delivering targeted messages to customers' mobile devices.

Rapido delivers bespoke experiences by leveraging the booking histories of its customers, highlighting its dedication to quality and value. Rapido taps into the customer’s desire for savings by notifying customers of exclusive deals and creating a sense of exclusivity.

Rapido also strategically times its notifications to maximise customer engagement during office commutes.

Rapido's push notifications achieved a 4x increase in click-through rates for personalised notifications compared to non-personalized ones. It's clear that Rapido's push notification strategy is a wise investment in customer engagement and retention.

Myntra nails the art of push notification marketing. 

Myntra has always been able to successfully engage its customers and drive sales through its push notification marketing strategy. 

By sending messages directly to users' mobile devices, Myntra has captured their attention and encouraged them to purchase products on its platform. 

Myntra's Push Notification marketing tactics:

  • Flash sale notifications: Myntra uses push notifications to inform customers about time-sensitive flash sales and discounts, which create urgency and increase sales.
  • Personalised notifications: Myntra recommends products to customers based on their browsing and purchase history, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases.


Myntra's push notification marketing strategy resulted in a 3x increase in click-through rates for personalised notifications compared to non-personalised ones. With push notifications enabled, Myntra saw a 60% increase in app sessions, indicating a successful drive in customer engagement and sales.

Cool Guy

Netflix always has a way of keeping its users engaged.

Netflix, the renowned streaming giant, is making waves with its successful push notification marketing campaigns. 

Netflix's push notification strategy:

  • Reminder to finish watching: Netflix sends a notification to users who start but don't finish an episode, encouraging them to complete it. This increases engagement and retention.
  • Notification for a new season: Customised notifications inform users about the release of a new season of their favourite show, driving engagement and retention.
  • Personalised recommendations: Netflix uses viewing history to suggest new content, such as romantic comedies, for users who have watched them before.

With these tactics, Netflix's push notifications keep users engaged and motivate them to watch more content.

Sometimes it also produced amusing memes.

Cred's Push Notification Strategy: Must-Know Tips

Cred is no exception to the push notification game. Cred uses push notifications to engage with its users and encourage them to take action. 

Cred's push notification strategy offers personalised offers and rewards to its users. These offers are based on users' behaviour and transaction history. This approach has resulted in a 33% increase in the number of users making transactions on the platform.

This provides positive reinforcement to users who make credit card payments on time. This has resulted in a 27% decrease in late payments among Cred users.

By leveraging data and user behaviour insights, Cred now boasts high engagement rates among its users. In one campaign, Cred achieved a click-through rate of 40%, leading to a 23% increase in user activity on the platform.

Cool Guy

Zomato ups the game with added humour

Imagine this: whether you're sipping your morning coffee, taking a lunch break, winding down in the evening, or settling in for dinner, there's one thing guaranteed to bring a smile to your face - the hilarious and clever notifications from the Zomato app. 

With a playful sense of humour and a knack for enticing users to take action, these notifications are always a highlight of the day. 

Zomato's push notifications are all about timing and relevance. You might get a witty message on a dreary Monday to kick-start your day. They tailor notifications to your past orders and location - perfect for tea time or rainy days. By pacing them out and keeping them relevant, Zomato encourages more orders.

Quirky Gai has compiled a list of key factors that Zomato considers to maximise the effectiveness of its push notification marketing strategies.

  • Timing: Zomato knows this well and has different notifications depending on the time or day. For instance, on a dreary Monday morning, you might receive a notification that says, "May your Monday be... small as the lemon seeds in your Poha".
  • And when you wake up, still groggy, you might get a notification that says, "Studies say you should wake up... and do a little something for yourself before starting the day". How cool is that?

  • Relevance: Zomato displays notifications tailored just for you based on your past orders and location. For instance, at tea time, you might get a notification that says, "Coffee with a Karan is nice... but how about coffee with up to 60% off"

So the next time you receive a witty notification from Zomato, you know that it's not just about making you laugh - it's also about making your order. Smart move, Zomato!

Goibibo combines humour with push notifications

We all know that feeling of wanderlust that hits us occasionally. And when that feeling strikes, many of us turn to travel apps like Goibibo to help us plan our next adventure. But did you know that Goibibo also uses push notifications to keep its users engaged and excited about travel? 

Let's take a closer look:

  • Practical push notifications: When users search for a destination but have yet to book, Goibibo sends push notifications offering flight discounts. Similarly, if users book hotels but have yet to book rental cars, Goibibo sends push notifications suggesting car rental options.
  • Inspiring push notifications: Goibibo also uses push notifications to inspire travel and engage users with the platform. For instance, notifications may suggest a new destination, remind users of a previous trip, and recommend similar destinations.


The impact of these push notifications is evident, as they keep users engaged with the platform and inspire them to book more trips. Goibibo has reported a 40% increase in bookings due to its push notification campaigns. Additionally, their push notification open rates have increased by 180%.

Boosting your marketing efforts with the right timing
and a personal touch

As a marketer, you should pay attention to personalised push notification marketing because it is a powerful way to engage with your customers and keep them returning to your app or website.

Where people have thousands of unread notifications, you need to make yours stand out.

Tailoring your messages to align with the interests and behaviour of your customers can be a powerful tool to boost user engagement and conversions. Push notifications also increase top-of-mind recall.

Segmenting your audience is crucial in order to leverage push notifications to get the best results. Once you get into the sweet spot, your audience can scale exponentially.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and build a strong relationship with your customers, push notification marketing is definitely worth exploring. Just keep your messages timely, relevant, and focused on providing value to your customers.