Lights, Camera, Action!

Movies, films, and cinemas – they weave dreams and captivate our hearts. But did you ever wonder about the magic behind the scenes, the spellbinding marketing that makes blockbusters soar? 

In this edition of Cool Gai, we aim to unveil the secrets behind successful movie marketing campaigns, shedding light on the meticulous planning, innovative techniques, and creative endeavours that breathe life into unforgettable cinematic experiences.

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Simple marketing, high thinking

Shahrukh Khan's latest film, "Pathaan,” made a surprising silent entry, leaving everyone astonished. It relied on teasers, trailers, music videos, and posters without flashy promotions, and it was effective.

SRK created a buzz on Twitter with his famous 15-minute #AskSRK sessions for a whole month, showcasing the power of social media excellently.

India Today interviewed analysts, critics, and producers to uncover Pathaan's marketing strategy. It turned out to be a stroke of genius! By avoiding controversy, they saved money. Despite costing millions, Pathaan demonstrated that sometimes doing less can achieve more.

Some suggested that SRK's unconventional strategy should be taught in marketing courses!

FastX: Buckle Up for the Wildest Ride Yet!

FastX, the latest film in the Fast & Furious series, has arrived in theatres after a remarkable 22-year journey. It all began with street racers-turned-thieves selling stolen DVDs. FastX stays true to its roots, focusing on family, friendship, and loyalty, just like its predecessors.

In March 2023, the franchise dropped a poster captioned, "In the end, family is all that matters." The poster, featuring the Christ the Redeemer statue, hinted at a return to Rio de Janeiro. Fans were instantly hooked!

FastX's social media platforms hyped up the trailer release for months. Finally, the creators unleashed the trailer in February, which amassed over 38 million views in just three months. Talk about turbocharged excitement!

Universal Studios also teamed up with Comic-Con 2023 to engage fans offline. Fans had the chance to watch the trailer, snap pics with the Fast X installation, and win awesome prizes at the Fast X booth during Mumbai Comic Con.

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The Dark Knight Searches… for clues

When discussing marketing, we must mention some of the world’s biggest blockbusters, such as Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” and the highly successful “Why So Serious?” campaign.

The campaign's viral marketing and alternate reality games engaged fans on multiple levels, leading to immense anticipation and buzz. It generated over 10 million visits to the campaign website.

The campaign's interactive elements, including real-world scavenger hunts and user-generated content, created a strong online community that actively participated in sharing their Joker-inspired creations. The campaign's impact was remarkable, contributing to the film's box office success, as "The Dark Knight" became one of the highest-grossing films of all time, earning over $1 billion worldwide.

Apna Time Aayega

The marketing campaign for "Gully Boy" capitalised on the rising popularity of hip-hop music in India. The film's rap-based storyline was cleverly promoted by launching rap contests, inviting aspiring artists to showcase their skills. The winners got to collaborate with established musicians associated with the film.

The collaboration between the winners of the rap contests and established musicians generated significant buzz and interest among fans of hip-hop music. This unique aspect of the campaign attracted the attention of existing fans and new audiences, generating positive word-of-mouth and anticipation for the film. All this buzz generated ₹238 crore (US$33.8 million) for the film.

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Doing things a bit... differently

Staying true to the ‘quirkiness’ of the character… shall we say, this superhero film starring Ryan Reynolds took an unconventional approach to marketing. 

The campaign included a series of witty and even impudent posters, trailers, and social media posts that embraced the character's self-aware humour. The marketing team played up the film's R-rating, creating a humourous and profane tone that stood out among other superhero movies.

Inspired by the real world

The 2010 film Peepli Live employed a satirical and politically charged marketing campaign to create buzz. The film's makers orchestrated fake election campaigns and political rallies, mimicking real-life scenarios.

This unconventional strategy attracted attention and ignited curiosity among the audience. By delving into socio-political commentary, the marketing campaign raised awareness about the film. It sparked conversations about the issues it addressed, making it a memorable and thought-provoking promotional endeavour.

Why Digital Marketers must embrace movie marketing

Movie marketing holds immense potential for digital marketers. The power of movies to captivate and engage audiences presents a unique opportunity to reach and connect with a wide range of consumers. By paying attention to movie marketing, digital marketers can tap into the fervour and excitement surrounding highly anticipated films, leveraging their popularity to boost brand visibility, create meaningful partnerships, and drive conversions.

For instance, the Barbie movie created a massive buzz with the “This Barbie is…” trend.

Movie marketing allows marketers to leverage people's emotional connections with films, enabling them to craft compelling narratives, leverage influencers, and create viral campaigns.

So, by recognising the influence of movie marketing, digital marketers can harness the magic of cinema to engage audiences effectively and propel their brands to new heights.