I have a mind-boggling secret to reveal. Something not many people know.

Did you know that humans have been drawing pictures for over 40,000 years, but writing emerged only 5000 years ago?

Shocking right? But not an utterly bizarre thought.

Visual storytelling has been at the forefront of communication since 3000 BC. Thinking in pictures is our nature, and in a world driven by moving pictures, videos or films are arguably the most effective way to capture the target audience’s attention. Visual storytelling has a profound impact by transcending language barriers, engaging emotions, and conveying complex ideas through the power of imagery. It captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression and enabling effective communication across cultures and generations.

From big-budget blockbuster movies to impactful ad campaigns, in today’s ‘show, don't tell’ world, visual storytelling is the only way to go.

Here to take you through all of them is Cool Gai and his three moo-dy friends - Fresh, Brainy and Quirky.

Cool Guy

Some things are worth more than money

Paisabazaar, India's top consumer credit marketplace and free credit score platform is excited to share that its brand film "Unspoken" has crossed 53 million views on YouTube. The film has also gained over 38 million views on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, with approximately 15,000 shares.

"Unspoken" portrays a complex relationship between a father and son, aligning with Paisabazaar's brand philosophy of "PaisonSeBadhkar." This philosophy centres around sharing stories that reflect the real aspirations and dreams of India.

Our culture. Our people. Our stories.

The much-loved Coke Studio is back in a new avatar called Coke Studio Bharat.

The brand film 'Apna Sunao' is a unique collaboration that brings together talented artists who represent the new voice of India. These artists possess a deep connection to their musical and cultural roots while also embracing modern music.

Adding to the allure of the brand film is the voice-over narration provided by Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan himself.

The film recognises the importance of preserving cultural heritage while embracing modern influences, and it serves as a platform for these artists to share their unique perspectives and narratives.

This also resonated with the fans as many said, “Finally it's back after a long time.... Eagerly waiting for the magic ❤️”

Cool Guy

How to mobilise a nation

We turn back the clock on this one, back to the late 80s and early 90s when not everybody had a four-wheeler. There was a time when India relied on two-wheelers for mobility, and one brand stood out as the epitome of this experience - Bajaj.

Bajaj’s beautifully crafted advertisements struck a chord with every Indian, bridging the gaps in our diverse nation with the iconic slogan, "Buland Bharat ki buland tasveer, Hamara Bajaj." Even today, those who grew up during that era fondly reminisce about this unforgettable ad.

Sketching the true you

The Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign, launched in 2013, made a significant impact in the realm of advertising and social commentary. Its objective was to challenge conventional beauty standards and promote a more inclusive and positive representation of women.

The film captured the authentic reactions of the participants as they confronted the disconnect between their self-image and how they were perceived by others. The campaign aimed to inspire women to reconsider their own beauty standards and embrace their unique qualities, ultimately fostering a more positive and inclusive definition of beauty.

With over 70 million views on YouTube, this is one campaign that properly touched our hearts.

Cool Guy

Actions speak louder than words

Who can forget the incredibly hilarious and witty “Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam” ad series by Center Fresh chewing gums? 

The simple yet quirky nature of these ads made them incredibly memorable and was one of the big reasons why the brand has grown 25 times since 2000 and has become the growth engine for Perfetti India.

Idiot proofing

CEAT took an unconventional approach to marketing its products and road safety. Instead of just showing how safe its tyres are, CEAT made a bold statement: “The streets are filled with idiots. Reason why CEAT tyres come with advanced polymers and angular tread design for superior road grip.”

This ad not only showcases the exceptional performance of the tyres but also establishes a strong connection with both motorcycle riders and other road users. Moreover, its impact goes beyond the target audience, leaving a lasting impression even on people who don't ride motorcycles.

The art of creating visual impact

In a world driven by graphics that move, impact, and connect, there is a need to enable visual storytelling that challenges the known paradigms of creativity.

To push the limits of creative visualization even further, we at ANTS Digital are delighted to introduce you to Antastic Studios.

Disruptive brain

Human heart

Strategic intent

These elements combine to create photography and video solutions for brands, empowering their products, communication, and brand messaging. Antastic Studios aims to become a go-to destination for clients seeking exceptional visual storytelling.

The Antastic team is on a mission, and they have a vision. As Vatsal Sethi, Head of Antastic Studios, puts it, “We strive to do the kind of work that challenges the norms and takes us on a departure from the traditional video and movie-making process. We want to collaborate with people who are willing to experiment and try out new things, pushing the boundaries of imagination.”

Ever eager to create, we invite you to hear Antastic tell you their own story at:

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