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    Season’s Greetings from ANTS Digital!

    2021 was innovative and momentous for many of us, especially the digital sector. Social media upped the ante by becoming a non-negotiable part of any brand’s marketing strategy.

    The pandemic marked a significant opportunity for brands to realign their strategies and transform as consumers demanded authenticity, community, and connection. Over half a billion more people are using social media worldwide than at the same time last year, indicating an almost 14% year-over-year increase.

    This number only stands to expand in 2022! It seems like we’re in for a thrilling year brimming with great ideas and even better learnings.

    Here’s to ending 2021 with a bang, and watch excitedly for all that is to come in 2022!

    But before we enter this eventful year, let’s do a quick wrap-up of some major trends that set the tone this year and predict trends that are likely to come into fruition next year with our very own Cool Gai.

    Top trends of 2021

    Content creation and consumption is pivoting

    With the rapid growth of internet connectivity, the delivery of short video content becomes faster and more accessible. Video consumption is high amongst the Gen Z demographic, while text-based content is still mostly consumed by Boomers. With Instagram downloads increased in India by 11.4% after the launch of Reels.

    Instagram Reels search trends

    The shift from accumulating clicks to delivering experiences

    To improve the brand sentiment, advertisers are now giving users tailored, interactive experiences is key to successful engagement with advertising content.

    In 2022, we will see an increased interest and value in brands investing in the ’phygital’ space - a term already mentioned 62.5k times in the last year.

    The collaboration between Roblox and Gucci was a stunning example of both inclusivity and ingenuity. The Roblox platform offered a visual feast for the eyes featuring detailed environments with dynamic, personalized textures and patterns for each individual visitor’s mannequin. The experience in Roblox was launched in May and generated 40K conversations around that time.

    Phygital search trends reveal during the lockdown this term gained prominence

    Meta search trends

    AR the preferred reality

    Ever since the rise of Pokémon Go, experts anticipated more widespread AR adoption in brand communication. Covid-19 has finally pushed us forward with this trend.

    Until now, the most common examples of AR brand communication were projects within in-app environments (e.g. face filters on Instagram) or standalone entertaining AR apps (Amazon’s ModiFace Virtual Makeover, IKEA Place or Nike’s shoe trying feature). Over 500 million people are using Instagram Stories every day!

    In the near future, there will be a wider spectrum of AR experiences: AR shopping, virtual test drives, interactive ads within VR/AR games, AR tutorials and more.

    Augmented reality search trends

    Inclusive marketing is critical

    About 70% of employees claim they would not work for a company without a strong purpose, and this belief is affecting the way brands tackle brand inclusivity and roll out their campaigns in 2022.

    Purpose-driven Gen Z also expects businesses to take a stand both in terms of advertising messaging and how they do business.

    Brands today must engage with topics like mental health, sustainability, and social justice, or face becoming irrelevant in 2022. Well aware of this, the LEGO Group announced a new set in May this year, Everyone is Awesome, to celebrate diversity during the upcoming Pride Month. The company was liked, retweeted, and commented on by nearly 50K users, increasing the positive sentiment by 64% during that week.

    Inclusive work culture search trends

    Social Marketplace- The place to be!

    Moving into 2022, brands should reevaluate the purchasing paths they offer and consider taking advantage of social selling opportunities through Instagram posts, Reels, Stories, and more.

    69% of marketers plan to disburse more money on Instagram influencers than any other market this year. 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram to discover products. In 2022, more and more platforms will incorporate or revamp social commerce into their planning, such as Pinterest launching buyable pins.

    Instagram shopping search trends


    **Hubspot and Talkwalkers 2022 social media trends report

    Industry overview for 2022

    Thought leaders from eminent industries share their views on what 2022 looks like for their business.

    Construction and Infrastructure

    “2021 taught us the importance of our online presence to communicate effectively with our customers in the absence of ‘face-to-face’ meetings. As EJOT Group completes it 100- year anniversary in 2022, we hope to celebrate this year by strengthening our grip on India’s ‘quality end’ of the PEB market and manufacturing our first project for Industrial Fasteners. We also aim to increase our distribution network for Construction Fasteners to increase our geographic reach.”

    - Dirk Homrighausen, CEO, EJOT-Octaqon Fastening Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    “In 2022 we wish to see a paperless factory, automate all our internal and external processes, seamless communication with customers, vendors, partners. Armes will strive to become a preferred brand by several initiatives towards driving Business Excellence & Customer Centricity.”

    - Mohan S.A., CEO & Director, Armes Maini Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    “For 2022, Resha is looking forward to launching new innovative products and a major push to B2C by identifying 10 installation partners for carrying out execution pan India. We seek to strengthen the organization by roping in the right talent and finance partners to achieve 30% growth while transforming the company from people to a process-driven.”

    - Prashant Goel, Managing Director, Faith Lumber Pvt. Ltd.

    Consumer Goods

    “Digital marketing, in contrast to conventional media, allows substantial convenience and advantages in slicing and dicing the target group and communicating with sniper level precision at the intended audience. With the digitalisation among Indian consumers having grown in quantum leaps during the pandemic, Youva will continue to emphasise these new age media options in 2022. In the coming year with consumer traffic in the markets increasing, and with the gradual opening up of various educational institutions, there would be an emphasis by Youva on ground-level visibility.”

    - Abhijit Sanyal, Business Strategy & Marketing Advisor, Navneet Publications

    Digital Services

    “2021 was a Start, Stop, Run year. Most brands were re-looking at their digital marketing strategies. Re-acquiring customers and creating relevance for the brand was a huge challenge. Consumption patterns are directly promotional to the growth of the economy. The good part was that in the last two-quarters of 2021 consumption improved.

    2022 will not be as easy as we envisage but the market is likely to adjust with the unpredictable pattern. Digital will see another big push as more and more people will start seeing it as the only solution to the market in these uncertain times.

    - Sanjay Arora, CEO, ANTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.

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