In case you’re unaware (and where have you been if you aren’t?), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently launched Chandrayaan-3. It is the third and most recent lunar exploration mission by India. It consists of a lander named Vikram and a rover named Pragyan that will land near the Moon’s south pole on 27 August 2023. The mission aims to demonstrate new technologies and conduct scientific experiments on the lunar surface.

It’s all over the news… internationally!

It is the pride and joy of our great nation, and we all pray for its success.

It’s big news, and we all know how news such as this becomes a moment marketing opportunity for brands and businesses.

Yup, you know the drill… Cool Gai and his moo-dy friends are here to show you how to shoot for the moon with your marketing. 🚀 🌝

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As we mentioned, Chandrayaan-3 is kind of a big deal and the brands know it.

Here are just a few of the awesome examples of brands making the most of a historic space mission.


And finally, Tinder India saying what all of us are thinking:

Yup, it is indeed a big deal.

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As the name suggests, Chandrayaan-3 is not the first of its kind (and we’re hopeful that it won’t be the last!). Its predecessor also had a lot of hopes riding on it.

Turn your clock back to 2019. Chandrayaan-2's mission is in its final stages… just two kilometres from the target. People across the nation and the world are holding their breath. History is about to be made here.

… and disaster.

In the last 15 minutes of the landing sequence, a suspected software glitch caused Chandrayaan-2’s lander to lose contact with ground control, and it crashed somewhere on the surface of the Moon.

It was heartbreaking for all of us.

After the failure, pictures of PM Narendra Modi hugging and consoling ISRO Chief Dr K Sivan went viral.

And the brands were also sympathetic.

Amul touched our hearts
A salute-worthy post from Royal Enfield
Even Hajmola gave us hope

Why did I bring up a tragedy? You see, just because you failed doesn’t mean you FAILED. ISRO took a massive leap on a much smaller budget compared to other space agencies and that itself is a success. A brand showing its solidarity during a difficult time also makes everyone respect it. Moment marketing is not only about successful and happy moments.

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That’s enough about the past; how about we look at the hopeful future?

Chandrayaan-3 has a lot of hopes, dreams and India’s pride riding on it.

Nobody wants a repeat of Chandrayaan-2, and we all want Chandrayaan-3 to be successful.

… and Swiggy Instamart kicked things off:

Pizza Hut offered some support

And of course, Zomato will never be far behind when something big happens!

Netizens also showed some good-hearted humour around the event:

All positive news deserves some positive laughter!

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the stars.

Now that statement may not be scientifically true but what is true is that Chandrayaan-3 is a hot topic.

With national and international media covering it non-stop, it is news you cannot afford to miss. This is history in the making and if your brand gets in the action and can create relevant and engaging communication around it, you’re golden.

Chandrayaan-3 is a moment marketing goldmine and is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to build trust and loyalty by demonstrating their support and pride for India’s space achievements.

And once again, we at Ants Digital would like to salute our scientists and engineers at ISRO for their dedication to take India into the final frontier!

Jai Hind!