Let’s wind our clocks back… or ahead… wait I’m confused.

The point I’m trying to make is that in Back to the Future II, Marty McFly travels to 2015, which is the future in the movie, and he encounters this:

“Pffft!” We said. That’ll never happen!

Or will it?

You see, advertising is an ever-evolving world, and sometimes it surprises us just like Augmented Reality marketing did.

Here to explain is Cool Gai, along with his moo-dy gang! Let’s get the show on!

Cool Guy

Not too long ago, we talked about how AR is used for creating an out-of-this-world marketing experience.

But it seems Augmented Reality is yesterday’s news… It’s now time for mixed reality.

The recent trend is to market your products on famous cities and landmarks.

Such as this one created by Vertex CGI for Ocard:

Impressive, isn’t it?

But don’t be fooled this doesn’t appear in the real world. This is completely done on a computer, all you will see is the plain old Burj Al Arab.

This has taken the marketing world by storm, just see for yourself:

Bordeaux Wines:

Nike and Chelsea FC

But as with pretty much everything, some like it, others say it’s not quite their thing. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Cool Guy

There have been quite a few examples of brands using these 3D billboards to promote their products. Big cities such as New York, Tokyo, Seoul and London have embraced this new form of billboards.

A lot of bands jumped on this bandwagon:


Amazon Prime

And unlike the CGI ads, you can actually see them as you walk by!

Fortnite x Balenciaga

Now you might be wondering how exactly this works. In layperson’s terms, 3D billboard technology creates an illusion of depth by displaying two images from different angles on a curved screen. The viewer’s eyes see different images and the brain perceives them as 3D. This makes the ads more realistic, engaging, and effective than static ones.

… and now you know!

Cool Guy


We need some fun!

And there’s nothing more fun than seeing your K-Pop idols up close and personal.

That is exactly what happened at Naver’s Super Casting Campaign at COEX Square, South Korea.

The ad showed three BTS members, RM, Jhope, and Jungkook, greeting the crowd and touching their hands on another screen. Then they vanished into a different world, followed by the rest of the group. The ad also introduced the comic idea and made it seem like the viewers could hold hands with them.

The ad attracted a lot of attention at the Square!

Cool Guy

3D billboards are a recent trend, but which one was the OG of these billboards?

The world’s first 3D robotic billboard was made by Coca-Cola

As this video so nicely describes it:

Cool Guy
The future visual marketing is now

So, from mixed reality marvels to mind-bending 3D billboards, it's clear that the ads in our world are truly out of this world, and marketing will continue to evolve as the years go by and technology gets better.

Keep your eyes wide open because the future is here, and it's not as far-fetched as Marty McFly might have thought!

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Archana Arora2023-10-04

Loved reading this.....and I realise that no matter how much tech we know and have access to, if we dont know how to use it, it will cease to have meaning. It was amazing to see the execution. Visual storytelling will grow and is the way to go.

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