Posted on: 16 November 2023

This is not the first time we have mentioned cricket here on Cool Gai… and it definitely won’t be the last!

After all, cricket is the national obsession of India, and we as a country truly become one.

Social media is also buzzing during this time and so is brand marketing!

So, on to the field comes Cool Gai and his moo-dy team.

Let’s ask for DRS on all things ICC World Cup marketing and social media mania!

Cool Guy

With great World Cups comes great World Cup videos.

BUT when India is hosting the event… it has to be GRAND, it has to be SPECTACULAR, it has to be FESTIVE, and it should make you want to CELEBRATE!

And the new video starring Ranveer Singh has it all!

Doesn’t it make you want to get up and dance?

But in case you have a flair for the dramatic rather than loudness, ICC has got it covered as well:

Narrated by King Khan himself, this epic 2-minute 12-second video tells us something simple yet very powerful: ‘It Takes One Day’ to make history.

So, can India seize that One Day and make history? Let us know in the comments below!

Cool Guy

Remember when there was a viral debate on whether it’s Zo-MAA-to or Zo-MAI-to?

The debate still rages on, but Zomato decided to call a ceasefire when there were more important things to worry about.

There are times when you debate… and there are times when you scream “Indiaaaaa-Indiaaa” at the top of your lungs!

This message was so important even Chris Gayle joined in on the fun!

Cool Guy

Didn’t we say social media is buzzing right at the beginning?

It sure is!

Check this out:

Zomato opened with a zinger

Back in 2011, Samsung again took a cheeky dig at its major rival.

Britannia followed up:

Some predictions came true!

… and some shots were fired!

And history was made!

So what are you waiting for? Get on X (formerly known as Twitter) and score some zingers of your own. Don’t forget to use #CWC23 to make your mark.

Think you know cricket?



Which team won the very first World Cup in 1975?


How many overs per team were there in the first ODI World Cup?


South African bowler Paul Adams’s unusual bowling action was known by which of these terms?

ICC Cricket World Cup is a festival

With over 400 Million viewers worldwide (well, most of them come from India) this is not just a sports tournament, this is a craze!

And with a craze comes a social media storm so let's embrace this cricketing extravaganza and create our own memorable moments with #CWC23!