Posted on: 10 January 2024

Cool Guypeople!

Happy New Year!

2023 was fun, we saw many new concepts, impressive marketing and some crazy trends. But we have reason to believe that 2024 will be even crazier.

I will explain in the Cool Gai-est way possible! Ready? Let’s get into it!


The trend of AI started around the end of 2022 when AI platforms, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney became accessible, and everyone started posting AI portraits of themselves.

AI then became an increasingly important part of daily life, it could do homework, it could create images, it could even become a graphic designer to do some good ol’ digital marketing.

So it shouldn’t be difficult to imagine that digital marketers will rely heavily on the support of AI to deliver even more engaging content. Some even say Social Media Managers will be best friends with AI.

How far will AI go? Only time will tell.


Short and to-the-point videos such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have been a smash hit, especially with the youth.

Products and services aimed at the younger generations, such as dating apps, have already identified this and curated their content accordingly.

So in the world of advertising, whether you're a well-established brand or a newcomer, it's smart to shift your focus to shorter videos. It works better than long ones!


The Fediverse… Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, a lot of people haven’t.

But it is slowly, very slowly, increasing in popularity.

What is it, though?

The Fediverse, short for federated universe, is a network of interconnected social media platforms that can communicate and share content with each other.

It's like a collection of different social media communities, each running its own server, but users from one server can interact with users on other servers.

This decentralisation allows for diverse platforms and communities while maintaining the ability to connect and communicate across the entire "universe."

Why should we pay attention?

With a growing user base, this platform is on the verge of becoming a lucrative space for brands to channel their marketing efforts. Don't hesitate – dive into the trend and explore the exciting opportunities it offers!

The moo-ds of 2024

Disclaimer: We are not saying everything we mentioned will be absolutely true, we are simply providing some suggestions!

Exactly what kind of trends will come, we will have to wait and watch.

Will we see -

Stay tuned to find out!

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Archana Arora2024-01-18

It would be interesting to see how the Fediverse unfolds and the possibilities it brings to users and brands.


The Fediverse is intriguing. I'm interested to see how it develops!


Great read! Cannot wait to see the upcoming trends in the next issue

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