Posted on: 7 February 2024

Sound familiar?

While people’s moo-ds shift between the good, bad, and ugly of
AI, there’s a disturbing side - DeepFake

So, is it time to sound the alarm bells yet?


From Rashmika Mandanna to Tom Hanks, celebrities across the globe are shell-shocked.

By what, you may ask?

Artificially created photos and videos of them floating around social media!

Like it or hate it, AI is here to stay! 

Some brands are making the most of it with the quirkiest campaigns - to educate & grab attention.

We have Cool Gai and his moo-dy gang to help us navigate this new world!!!

So, let’s get into it.

Cool Guy

Using DeepFake technology is a ‘deep’ risk for any brand, to say the least. 

So what happens when HDFC Bank and FCB Kinnect team up to warn you against spending all your cha-ching? 🤑

Watching a DeepFake version of Nora Fatehi promoting an online fashion brand, people were served a harsh ‘reality check’.

Out popped Vigil Aunty, who told shoppers not to fall for the ultimate SCAM:

Fake websites with irresistible prices!!!

Fresh Gai wants in on the behind-the-scenes of this campaign.

Cool Guy

If Shah Rukh Khan tells you to shop at a specific local store down the street, would you?

Most Indians would say YES!!!!

And that’s exactly what Cadbury banked on with their #NotJustACadburyAd campaign.

SRK’s face and voice were morphed to create personalised ads for local businesses using AI and machine learning.

Targeting local audiences = Higher ROI = MARKETING MAGIC!!! 🎉

FUN FACT: Ogilvy Mumbai, the brains behind this marketing campaign, won the first Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Lions 2023 under the Creative Effectiveness category.

Brainy Gai appreciates this mega trump card. What about you??

Cool Guy

Pizza reigns supreme in a tale of twists and turns!

Pizza Hut Hong Kong dipped its toe into DeepFake technology to launch its new pizza range.

First, they showed a little girl throwing a tantrum at a Pizza Hut store.

Cue the dread of dealing with screaming children at restaurants!

In a twist of events, they superimposed the face of a local actor, Neo Yau, on the little girl’s face. Eventually, the introduction of the pizza range made her bad temper fade away.

The message? Pizza = happiness!!!

Quirky guy agrees, and so should you. After all, pizza is life, pizza is love, and no amount of pizza is ENOUGH!!! 🍕

The dilemma: How much AI is too much?

The debate over AI and DeepFake technology will continue, but we can’t wait to see some out-of-the-world ads!!

Amidst the promise of AI, Cool Gai leaves you with one question:

Where do we draw the line?

What do you think about DeepFake technology? Is it going to take over the marketing landscape? Let us know in the comments!!

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Archana Arora2024-02-09

No invention is too much as long as you are on the ethical side. Also, in today's time of Tech advancements, the Creative brains will have to understand it well to then be able to use it to create 'Grand Prix' worthy marketing campaigns. That would require them to come out of their zones.


Like any major human invention (nuclear power comes to mind), it is entirely up to us on how we use new inventions and technology. ... But fake pizza will still make me drool!

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