Posted on: 03 April 2024

Today, dear readers, Cool Gai is set to cover a true phenomenon…

One that unites millions of Indians around the world!!

Wondering what it is???

CRICKET!!! More than a sport, cricket is a shared emotion…

From raised eyes at the next Googly, to chanting our favourite team's name, to rushing home from work to catch the day’s match, our schedules revolve around cricket!!! 🏏

TV or Digital: That is the Question

Last year, the raging TV vs Digital debate saw brands looking for the perfect advertising recipe across both platforms. 

So what did that lead to???

The free streaming of IPL pulled in BIG brands and money….So much so, that the combined revenue of digital and TV was said to be over 4000 crores. 

In case you need to read that properly, 4000 CRORES!! 💸

So, imagine the advertising targets set for 2024.

With so much GREEN to spend, it’s obvious that brands have created some kickass ads this year in collaboration with IPL…..So why not take a look at what’s in store?? 🤔

Cool Gai and his moo-dy gang are all set to dive into the world of IPL marketing this year!!!

Cool Guy

The ultimate showdown for cricket glory deserves a tasty starter!!

Check out this ad featuring Chris Gayle and Ranveer Singh:

A refreshing take on ordering food online, this tagline takes the (figurative and literal) CAKE:

Match ho, toh ZOMATO!! 🍲

With Zomato’s marketing teams delivering the freshest ads for every season, Fresh Gai can’t wait to be bombarded with more!!

Cool Guy

Sab Yahaan, Aur Kahaan??

Jio Cinema smartly tries to put an end to the TV vs. Digital dilemma with this ad: 

Let's face it, today’s clock-in, clock-out world doesn’t allow most office-goers to make it home in time. 😓

Be it in the metro, at a wedding, or wherever you are, with Jio’s free online streaming, you can watch the match ON THE GO.

Brainy Gai enjoys this smart advertising!!

Cool Guy

This year, Dream 11 joined forces with different teams, giving us this rager of an ad:

If Baba Sehgal is called in to rap, it’s bound to be hilarious!! 😂

Their tagline sums up the collective IPL emotion:

Team se bada, kuch nahi!! 

So whether you’re a hardcore Mumbai Indians fan or are backing the solid Chennai Super Kings, it’s time to pump it up and support your favourite team!! 🎉

Fans first, revenue later

While revenue is still deemed important, most sponsors are taking a fan-forward approach.

The aim??

By catering to the interests of fans, IPL can rack up their engagement points, ultimately leading to higher revenue!!! 🤭

And that is the essence of marketing, right??

So, which team are you supporting this IPL season? Tell us in the comments!!