Posted on: 17 April 2024

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Communication - that is what we in the marketing world try to get right. It is the essence of our marketing recipe.

However, sometimes marketers blur the lines of ethics and responsibility and create something… that isn’t quite right. Perhaps they were trying to be disruptive, or perhaps they were trying to create something impactful that captures the attention of their audience. But it didn’t land as was originally intended.

For instance, when Bud Light launched the “Up For Whatever” campaign, they put a tagline on their bottles that read “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” Many perceived this as promoting a culture of non-consent, resulting in a public outcry

To take a deep dive into how right communication should be done, Cool Gai has brought along his moo-dy gang! Let’s see what each of them has to say.

Cool Guy

We at ANTS Digital strongly believe that we can make an impact and make a difference without crossing boundaries and creating problems.

And, in the current scenario, we felt we needed to speak up!

So we launched our campaign #TheLinesWeDraw.

This campaign reiterates our commitment to ethical, inclusive, impactful, professional, powerful, respectful, and responsible communication.

And the media seems to agree as well!

What exactly is unethical communications and what is ethical, responsible communications?

Unethical marketing communication can be imagined as a ninja in a loud costume trying to blend in a professional gathering. It’s misleading because the ninja isn’t really part of the crowd, and it’s intrusive because nobody invited him – he just showed up!

That’s basically what happens when brands try to create something so disruptive that it ends in controversy.

Ethical and responsible communications, on the other hand, is like a monk who has taken a vow against all dishonesty. This monk only says important and meaningful things in an unambiguous language. This means being truthful about what your product or service can do and ensuring your message is as clear as a lovely summer’s day.

Responsible communication in marketing is crucial because it builds trust with consumers, demonstrates customer-centricity, ensures regulatory compliance, enhances brand reputation, and boosts customer loyalty.

Responsible communications the always the way to go!

How do you feel about the campaign? Have you ever fallen victim to unethical communication? Let us know in the comments below!

Cool Guy

Wait… the SECOND best?

Hear me out here!

Swedish furniture and home accessories giant IKEA started calling itself the “second best”. Who is the #1, I hear you ask? It’s the parents!

By understanding their target audience and customers, IKEA humbly accepted that nothing can beat a child’s parents. As Carla Klumpenaar, general manager, marketing communication, puts it “Placing parents as the first choice for their children reflects this core belief. It doesn't matter if we are second only to the parents – we are actually proud of it.

This now is a great example of being impactful while being respectful and ethical. This campaign was simple, effective and most of all, memorable.

Cool Guy

What company asks people not to buy their products? Patagonia does.

Patagonia is a $600m company with more than 50 stores worldwide. But it does not function as a typical fast fashion company, never has and probably never will.

The “Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign” aimed to get people to think about how buying without thinking affects the planet. It also urged consumers to buy only what they really needed.

It was quite ethical, I would say, even if a little out of the ordinary. But when it’s out of the ordinary, Quirky Gai will find it!

Ambitious but ethical

That is what all of us in the marketing world should aim for. With brands obsessed with creating an impact, the lines of responsible communication are being blurred, if not crossed.

At ANTS, we strive to create something meaningful, memorable and fun. But we do it while being respectful, honest, authentic and inclusive. We create magic by staying within the #TheLinesWeDraw. For instance, we believe that the influencers we work with should be kept healthy and active 😉

What are your thoughts on ethical and responsible marketing? Do you feel going beyond boundaries can be a good thing, or should people in the industry respect the lines? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Archana Arora2024-04-17

Responsible communication is the need of the hour otherwise marcom runs the risk of being discounted so heavily by the users that it will hold no meaning. Lines will, therefore, have to be drawn and most importantly be respected at all costs.

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