Posted on: 15 May 2024

It’s the season of choice here in India when all citizens express their democratic right to choose the government for the next five years.

It’s no less than a grand festival, offline and online. With more than 380 million active social media users of minimum voting age and above, this grand festival is one that the brand cannot miss out on.

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Choosing the right leader is an important decision, but in our lives, that is just one of many important decisions we make.

You might not quite realise it, but sometimes you also need to choose the right roof for your home. DURASHINE® by Tata BlueScope Steel showed the nation exactly that!

… and sometimes even a notebook, as demonstrated by Youva.

And we also like to join in on the action!

These campaigns send out the message of quality, all while providing a positive push to go to the polling booths.

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An amazing example of combining the mark of voting with a brand’s services along with clever copywriting.

As the election season drummed rolled in, Spotify did not just play music—it’s played an important role! With the ‘Play Your Part’ campaign, Spotify is hitting the high notes of democracy, encouraging the youth to vote with a beat.

Just scan the code, and you will get the playlist that will make you get up and vote right away!

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You don’t always need a special campaign to make a mark. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of creative thinking that makes an impact without making any noise.

That’s exactly what 10-minute delivery experts BlinkIt did.

A simple message - “ink it”. Simple but effective. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

An out-of-the-box and impactful message is exactly what Quirky Gai likes!

Have you inked it yet?

Hey there, future shapers of India! Why are we talking about voting so much in this edition? It’s because we are citizens of a Sovereign Democratic Republic, and as such, we have a duty to vote and make our voices heard.

This year, we have over 1.8 crore first-time voters with the opportunity to be the new superheroes in town.

So, let’s hit the polling booths with enthusiasm because every vote counts!

Let’s rock the vote, India!