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    Which reality would you choose?

    What is BeReal?

    BeReal is the unedited Instagram. At a random time in the day, this image-sharing app sends a notification, and you get two minutes to upload a photo of yourself. Your friends get to see you and what you're up to. You don't get time to pick the perfect pose, choose the perfect angle, or make the perfect edits. People love this.

    What does it mean for social media?

    Times are changiy truly are, even from the people they love. They want to celebrate their strng, and so are people. People want to remove the filters that hide who theengths, flaws, and the people around them.

    What can brands learn from BeReal?

    Originality and transparency are leading the market, and BeReal is a frontrunner. In a world that's going virtual and running towards NFTs, AR, VR and the metaverse, it's urging people to be authentic.

    Authenticity and relatability are vital because they lead to meaning and belonging - two things people search for on social media.

    Some brands that have adopted this change

    • Dove's Real Beauty campaign is an excellent example of driving authenticity. It featured women of all ages and complexions, showing their wrinkles, freckles, and physique.
    • Victoria's Secret, known for its size zero Angels, ran a campaign with plus-size, trans and older models in 2020. After understanding the changing social scenarios, the lingerie and clothing brand decided to make itself more inclusive.

    Victoria’s Secret’s new representatives are introduced:

    Brainy Gai

    Play it cool, play it retro - the rise of retro marketing

    The recent retro tale

    CRED has been known for its innovative and fun advertising. This time they used the nostalgia formula, which became the talk of the internet. CRED recreated an iconic Nirma ad and took its audience back to the 90s with Karishma Kapoor for its IPL advertisement series.

    The ad film amassed almost 1 million views on social media in just 11 days!

    What is retro marketing?

    Retro marketing is all about using nostalgia.

    Why does nostalgia always work for brands?

    Emotions are powerful. That's why brands are now trying to connect to their audience emotionally through persuasive storytelling. A commonly used feeling for this is nostalgia.

    Storytelling and how other brands did it right

    Paper Boat is an ideal example of how to use nostalgia. The tonality of their social media strikes a chord by bringing back special memories of one's childhood.

    A Paper Boat post from the IPL season:

    ‘A Paper Boat ride down the river of memories’ ad :

    Cadbury Dairy Milk has been using 'emotional connect' for years. It recently recreated its own 'The Real Taste of Life' campaign. This time makes it more relevant and inclusive by featuring the story through a woman's eyes. This one truly hit it out of the park!

    Tell your story, not your features

    • Want to create an emotional connection with your customers? Don't just sell your products.
    • Sell the problem that you are trying to solve.
    • If you produce headphones, sell the joy of listening to your favourite songs with no disturbances. Just like Paper Boat and Cadbury did with their products.

    Quirky Gai

    Willa Air - The influential fly high club

    A private jet for influencers?

    You read it right. Influencers will be getting their own airline - Will Air! Launched by Willa - an online payments company for influencers - its first flight will take 12 influencers to this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. And get this - they'll be flying in luxury. This means a private jet and champagne, all for free.

    What does this mean for brands?

    • Brands should leverage influencer marketing to gain the trust of the influencers' audiences and increase brand awareness.
    • As per reports published by Linqia, 49% of social media users rely on blogs and reviews by influencers when making purchases. 40% of people purchased after seeing an influencer's recommendation on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

    So it's time to up your influencer marketing game and gain the maximum from it!

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    Archana Arora2022-05-19

    Cool Gai get's all Fresh and Brainy. I'm lovin' it :)

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