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    Original for the win, says Insta’s algorithm

    The announcement for change

    Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, sparked a lot of conversation online after he tweeted about a new update to Instagram.

    (Mosseri’s tweet)

    What’s new?

    Instagram has introduced three new features to push original content.

    Product Tags - This feature won’t be limited to creators anymore. Soon, everyone will be able to use product tags on posts, videos and stories.

    (How product tags will appear for everyone (Source:

    Enhanced Tags - Creators will be able to make self-designated categories for themselves. When someone tags them in a post or video, not only their username but their category will also appear. This will show the type of work done by each tagged creator.

    (How enhanced tags will look like (Source: )

    Ranking for originality - This aims to boost the visibility of original content on your feed. Although still a work in progress, Mosseri says that content aggregators could see a decrease in reach for posting other people’s content. Replicated posts, different people tagged in uploads, and other factors will be taken into account to measure how likely content is to be unoriginal.

    What does this mean for content creators?

    - The original posts, videos, or reels will get more visibility than republished ones

    - Getting credit for starting trends

    What does this mean for brands?

    - It’s the time to make content that is personal and reflective of your brand’s identity. That is the best way to stay original.

    Brainy Gai

    See who lies behind the screen - put on the Business 2 Human lens

    Biryani - A connection, not just-food

    This Ramadan, India Gate Basmati rice touched hearts with its #EmotionCalledBiryani campaign. Its digital films, set in the backdrops of Hyderabad, Lucknow and Delhi, showcase the culture of the cities. A narrator tells the story of one man in each city - Salman, Salim and Yusuf’s bond with Biryani in each video.


    Focus on the human angle

    The world is moving towards B2H - Business to Human. This form of marketing doesn’t target a defined audience or a business, it targets each individual consumer to make them feel heard and valued. An emotional connection is formed to establish long-lasting relationships.

    In this data-driven world, AI has made marketing easier. But also impersonal to some extent. Bots, ads, and notifications say the same thing to everyone.

    (Immediate but impersonal reply from a bot)

    This is why brands need to know and understand the individual stories of their consumers.

    How to start with B2H?

      Understand what consumers really want.

    • #EmotionCalledBiryani did this by understanding that Biryani means special childhood memories, time spent with loved ones, passion and goodwill for people.
    • Provide personalised experiences.

    • Don’t say, “Hi, how are you?” Say, “Hi Eshita, how are you?”. Highlighting the personal stories of people made #EmotionCalledBiryani a success. Viewers could relate to the videos and find themselves in them.
    • Make people feel included.

    • Here, people includes everyone, #EmotionCalledBiryani didn’t talk about the products sold by the brand. Its focus was on showing how people are connected with each other through Biryani.

    Quirky Gai

    Fashion’s Biggest Night is back!

    (Hosts Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet (Source: Wireimage))

    The Met has come back to May

    After two years of being cancelled and postponed, the Met Gala was finally held on the first Monday of May this year, as is tradition. Its theme for 2022 was “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”. The dress code was “Gilded Glamour, White Tie”.

    What is the Met Gala?

    Formally called the Costume Institute Gala, it is an annual fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute

    Why’s the Gala such a big deal?

    This one night sets the fashion trends for the whole year.

    Each year, the who’s who of the fashion and entertainment industries walk the red carpet at the Gala.

    People follow what their idols wore. Fashion brands create new designs based inspired by the theme and celebrities’ outfits.

    (Natasha Poonawalla in a Sabyasachi saree)

    How does it benefit influencers?

    Influencers are invited based on their fashion sense and their impact on their audiences. But once they’re at the gala, they get much more credibility and recognition.

    • They become trendsetters. People who follow them get influenced by what they wear and do. Along with Beliebers and Swifties, influencers’ fan bases are established.

    It only lasts a night, but it leaves a lasting impression. It’s not a night to be missed.

    (Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe’s gown (Source: Harper’s Bazar)

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