No age barrier bridges the digital divide

There exits no age barrier and that has been my take away from being a facilitator in the workshop conducted for senior citizens. During my session with them I realised that family members are the worst teachers since we lack patience and enthusiasm to explain or solve their queries which makes them feel helpless in this new era.

I was given a chance to ease digital learning for senior citizens . There excitement and curiosity motivated me to perform better. They learnt various digital tools such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Uber and even Online Shopping. One memorable incident was where we were teaching them to order food online from Dominos and ended up having a pizza party. While teaching them how to use smart phones both android based and IOS I myself learnt a lot of new features. I never knew starred messages on Whatsapp, Bookmarking etc so it was a mutual learning benefit for both generations.

However task at hand was difficult since it required a step by step instructions for each topic. This ended up making the teaching process slow. The senior students gave immense joy fro they were excited about learning new things every day. More so numerous questions came from them like how to set up an alarm or reminders for their medicines on their phones. If they should join chat groups, or upload pictures on facebook etc which were answered in the best way possible.

The takeaway

In between the session they use to express their love towards us for helping them learn and grow . Each batch of trainees taught me something new and made me a better person with lot of patience. I owe my thanks to Ms. Archana Arora for giving me an opportunity to be able to contribute to the senior citizen society.

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