Senior Citizens – Digital Gold for our Silver Surfers at ANTS

Senior Citizens being trained at ANTS Digital 

Digital literacy is for all. Digital for Seniors is a training program for senior citizens and a platform for them to be better able to adapt to technological changes, which are need of the hour  .

The concept of joint families has faded over time and with the growing distance, communication with the older generation has dwindled. This hasn’t happened due to lack of content or emotion but there not existing common means of communication. When it comes to technology the older generation is slightly hesitant buy with a slight push, this can prove to be extremely useful for them and the people around.

How did ANTS come up with this idea?

The disconnection between generations has brought out the need for training of elderly people in the world of technology. Hence the Senior Citizens Digital training program came into being . The course focuses on digital empowerment, education and inclusion. The Digital Seniors program, has been created to  up skill the senior citizens with various tools. These tools include online messaging, emailing ,net banking etc

Further to this medical studies have shown that use of digital media can help provide stimulation for older people. A research has stated that the use of computers can have incredible benefits for older people, specially with dementia.

Team ANTS will not only help inculcate the ability on how to make video calls, send emails, whats app messages etc but also digital trends such as purchase and selling of good and services through an application or on an e commerce website.

Therefore the Digital for Seniors program at ANTS aims to digitally empower senior citizens for a better way of life.

To know more about the program, visit our Digital for Seniors page.


Sheila Chaudhuri Kundra
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