Are All Social Media Apps Turning The Same?

With the advent of the Digital Age and an ever increasing exposure to Social Media, there are but a few people in the world who don’t own smartphones and even fewer who aren’t aware of Social Media Apps like Twitter and Instagram.

Recently Twitter has been in the public eye for a quite a few reasons. With India Head, Rishi Jaitly and MD of SouthEast Asia Parminder Singh leaving in a month, to debarring high profile accounts associated with the alt-right movement. It’s also introducing products to boost its live video offerings.


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Social Media Apps and Twitter Moments

And now it’s created Twitter Moments. Initially announced in September 2015, Twitter’s narrative-style ‘storytelling by tweet’ device which they introduced just over a year ago could be created only through the deskstop version of the platform.

While for publishers and creators this wasn’t a big deal, for everyday users however this was a problem. Given that 82% of Twitter users access the platform through mobile devices and over 90% of the videos happen over mobile as well. The inability to create your own moments actively inhibited the acceptance of the launch.

Now however, this is not the case. As of the 30th of November 2016, Mobile users of the platform can now create their moments on the go.

Which begs the question, are all Social Media Applications turning the same?


Instagram Stories


On the 2nd of August 2016, online mobile photo and video sharing social media app, Instagram introduced “Instagram Stories”. A feature that allows users to share all those moments from their day that they’d like their followers to be privy to. One can share multiple videos, photos, etc. that appear in a slideshow format: tagged as a story. Among other things they’ve also introduced the concept of sending a “vanishing picture” i.e. you send a picture to someone and they can view it for specific number of seconds and then it vanishes. Also, if you try to capture the said image by taking a screenshot, it alerts the sender to your action.


Sound familiar?


For those who aren’t familiar. Most of the concepts listed above are similar to the key concepts of Snapchat an image messaging and multimedia mobile social media app. Snapchat’s use is primarily for creating multimedia messages referred to as “snaps”; snaps consist of a photo or a short video, and you can edit these to include filters and effects, text captions, and drawings.

Snaps are directed privately to selected contacts, or to a semi-public i.e. in a “Story”. You can view the private message photo snaps for a user-specified length of time (are we feeling Instagram and Twitter’s new updates, yet?) before they become inaccessible. Snapchat does not prevent screenshots from being taken, but can notify the sender when such a thing happens.

“Stories” are viewed in a chronological order, with each segment accessible for 24 hours.

Social Media Apps


Joining the Bandwagon?


Even Snapchat seems to be in line to have everything available, all at once. The texting feature has always been there, however now you can use up to 80 characters in a snap. In comparison to Twitter and Instagram, it’s definitely low as they run on 140 and 2200 characters each, respectively. It’s definitely a step up from the previous 31 character limit, though.

So, once again. Are all our social media apps turning into the same app? If so, then do we really need 10 different apps when they’re all providing more or less the same services?

Worth thinking about. Isn’t it?



Rachita Kotwal
Rachita Kotwal

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