Social Media takes on Mother’s Day!

Social Media takes on Mother’s Day!

Today being Mother’s Day, we take a look at how brands lately have started to give an ode to mothers around the world, through path-breaking campaigns. Social Media is brimming with promoted hashtags, influencer blogs and ideas, video marketing, contests and giveaways centered on Mother’s Day. For a marketer, this day brings immense opportunities to appeal to almost everyone who is experiencing an emotional and nostalgic high. Wish to check out some of the endearing campaigns that not only tug a heart string but also showcase the brand in a completely different way.

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Breakfast Batch of Digital Marketing at ANTS Digital

A lot of working professionals due to their working hours were unable to spare time on a weekday in order to upskill themselves to begin something new in their professional space. Our motto digital for all motivated us to find a solution to this problem. After much deliberation, we decided to open up our shutters early and thus came into being “The Breakfast Batch of Digital Marketing”. The response we got, overwhelmed us and now we can’t wait to start our third-weekday batch. Hot piping tea and some digital knowledge what better way to start your day? Classes begin from 16th May from 8:30 am to 10 am, Monday to Friday. Call 09643133067 for a demo.

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