Digital Summer Camp for Kids: Visualize>Capture>Create

Summer Camp for Kids: 3 Steps to liberate your child’s creativity

Summers are here and with it comes summer camps for kids. It is that time when parents are looking to keep their children engaged, have lots of fun and also learn something. Superheroes will always have children in their target audience but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the effects? Keeping this curiosity and demand in mind, ANTS has come up with two new courses for its Digital Summer Camp for Kids, 2017.

With the studio movies like avengers, star wars, x-men and justice league being distributed across the globe, Indian kids too kids have selected their favourite superheroes and are greatly inspired by them.

These movies, as delightful as they are to watch also instil an element in our kids to visualise the social situations in the same way, for example developing a special power after touching a red stone and then using it to save hostages from the terrorists.
While many people see it as a negative effect of watching sci-fi movies, we call it as envisioning outgrowth. In this, the child has the ability to visualise a super situation, film it and create a final movie.
Like Malcolm Gladwell proves in his best-selling book – Outliers, it’s not only the talent or a good aptitude that takes to make a person successful, one’s family and external environment play an equal part.
So it’s really essential to nurture this talent in kids, we should definitely provide them with the right tools and right learning to get going. With the Digital Summer Camp for Kids this summer, we have it all taken care of. With successful career options like film-making, animation and film direction, our kids can be the future George Lucas and Ridley Scott.
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New Courses at ANTS Digital:

  • Digital Photography
  • VFX(Visual Effects) & Motion Graphics

Digital Photography:

In Digital Photography, we will firstly teach kids about how a camera exactly works. Next, the kids will learn about camera essentials like – Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO and more. The third module would be about framing and composition, this will inculcate the aesthetic sense in kids. To test the learnings we will take them on photo walks and a photo contest. Post shooting, we will teach them about editing the photographs using photo manipulation softwares like Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom. On the final day, we showcase the kid’s work to parents and award the winners of the photo contest.

VFX(Visual Effects) & Motion Graphics:

Learning VFX and motion graphics is an integral part of making films. One can add special effects and versatility in shots. In the first module, we will cover everything about vector graphics. From creation to design characters, to exporting them to add effects. Next, the kids learn to add motion to the graphics that they have created. Also, they come to know how to add special effects in the videos they shoot.
We allow them to explore their creativity while learning and create their own masterpiece. The last day, parents see the work of their kids and their potential of being the future James Cameron.
To register your child for a course, you can get in touch with us. You can also contact us @9643133067 and liberate your child’s creativity.
Nitesh Agarwal
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